CAG Shipping Services Pty Ltd is built on a solid foundation of its founder and core team, who are having a vast experience of being in shipping industry from being an end user to service provider.

Decades of work experience with different companies across the globe brings with us a culture that understands the client needs and delivers the services above satisfaction level. 

We are always striving to exceed client’s expectation by keeping a clear communication, following the right procedures and cost optimization.


Our mission is to provide safe, secure and efficient shipping solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our customers. By employing a unique approach to logistics, prioritizing sustainability, and valuing the people we serve, we strive to deliver an exceptional customer experience that exceeds expectations.


We aim to be a company that is renowned for creating unparalleled value for our customers, stakeholders, and communities, while upholding the highest standards of ethics, security, and environmental responsibility. To achieve this, we are committed to continuous improvement of our business practices, adopting innovative technologies, and fostering a culture of excellence and collaboration among our employees, partners, and stakeholders.